Update on Tzipora

We asked Stephanie, the newest member of the Walter Rescue board and Tzipora's foster mom, to write an update on how the skinny kitty is doing. We are trying hard to find Tzipora a home, and appreciate any leads. You can e-mail us if you are interested at walter (at) walterrescue.org

Tzipora has had a rough start to life, but she hasn't let that affect her outlook.  Found this August, this beautiful striped calico was starving on the street and crying desperately for help.  Thankfully an animal lover heard her and brought her to Walter Rescue who then asked me to foster her. 

When Tzipora came to my house you could feel every one of her ribs and vertebrae.  She knew she was in a safe place though, and made herself right at home.   She's been with me a month now and has put on quite a bit of weight, but she could still stand to gain a few pounds. She is a healthy and cheerful kitten ( just 9 months old!), who is now spayed and up to date on all of her shots. She loves exploring and follows me around like a puppy.  She's a social butterfly and will happily greet any guest who visit my home with a meow and a friendly twirl about the ankles.  Unfortunately she doesn't get along so well with other cats, so she spends more time than she would like by herself in the bedroom.  Tzipora is ready to find her new home where she can have all of the freedom and attention that she craves and deserves.

-Stephanie Petruso