Walter Rescue Party - A Big Success!

While I'm still waiting for a certain Walter Rescue founder to upload pictures (hint: he lives with me), I thought I'd share the great news for Walter Rescue.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we are close to raising $500 to help with Bogey, now Archie's, vet bills. Because of his amputation and follow up care, it is no surprise that Lucky Dog had a substantial vet bill, made all the more difficult by other adoptable dogs who also need surgery.  Any money raised through the end of the summer will go toward helping Lucky Dog/Archie. Even $10 can make a big difference.

Meanwhile, we have a new foster kitten who is ready to be put up for adoption. Info coming soon!

Remember, you can buy an awesome Walter Rescue T-shirt through our site and ou can read a great blog post by our friend Patrick Cooper here (with pictures!).