Kitten Update

There's good news all around for Walter Rescue this month.

We are thrilled that Bogey's adoptive family is bringing him to our BBQ on Saturday, and that several other Lucky Dog Animal Rescue supporters will be able to attend. The money raised until Labor Day will go towards helping Lucky Dog with Bogey's medical bills.

We are also excited that an adoptive mother has been found for Buttercup and Westley. Much to my embarrassment, it turns out that Buttercup is a boy and Westley is a girl, so they will be getting new names. To our surprise, little Westley was not only a girl, but in heat at 3.5 months when she was spayed. That's a lesson on why it's important to fix early and often. We feel fortunate that the MD SPCA was able to get them into their clinic to be fixed on Monday.

Other projects include working with our Pinkney Road neighbors and a cat caretaker who lives near Sinai on Trap-Neuter-Release. Community Cats of Maryland was able to fix three cats at their clinic on Saturday. We also caught a small kitten who is too little to be spayed, and she's a bit sickly, so we will be fostering her until she's in better health and ready to be adopted. Pictures will be coming.

Thank you to everyone for their support!